On July 21st, 1913, a group of 32 people met for tent meeting revivals. After a few weeks of powerful worship services, these committed people soon formed the first Pentecostal Church of the Nazarene in Lincoln. In one year, their worship attendance grew from 32 to 82. They planted their roots at 1018 E. Street here in Lincoln until 1940. During that time at 1018 E. St, the word ‘Pentecostal’ was dropped and they became Lincoln First Church of the Nazarene.

In 1940, with America on the verge of entering WW2, Lincoln First Naz moved to a new location at the corner of 33 and C. The years at this location served the congregation well. God moved in amazing ways with miracles, answered prayer, and powerful revivals that would last for several days at a time. The congregation grew numerically and spiritual during their 31 years at 33 and C. However, the church was again in need of more space for worship and Sunday School because of their growing congregation.

In 1971, under the leadership of Dale McClaflin, the congregation was moved to a more visible location on 70th street on  (what was at the time) the outside of the city. Their move was made to let Lincoln know that there was a church of the Nazarene that was here for them. Over the last 40+ years, the congregation has seen the glory of God move in each generation at 1901 S. 70th. In addition to the church, CPNaz is proud to house Noah’s Ark Daycare and Preschool, which is located in the downstairs of the church. Noah’s Ark is one of Lincoln’s most reputable and reliable daycare and preschool’s in all of Lincoln.

In October of 2013, CPNaz was proud to host its 100 year anniversary!

CPNaz has a commitment to providing excellent ministry, generosity, and the Love of Jesus to the people of Lincoln. Jesus has commissioned and Lincoln is the mission field!

To God be the glory. Mission Forward.